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Have a perfect overview of rainwater in your tank


Complete set for rainwater level measurement
in retention tanks

For more efficient planning
and water management

What do you get by buying the Rainwater set?

Extreme drought of recent years forces us to look for alternative sources of water and also to manage it better. This set, specially designed for the simples possible installation, maximum functionality and maintenance-free operation for many years, will provide you with a constant overview of the rainwater level in your tank.

You will immediately see how much water has just rained, how much you used during the last watering, how much water is left in the tank. Thanks to the built-in relay, you protect the pump from running dry, you allow water from a well or water supply line. The version with two relays then allows independent control of two different devices.

Main areas of use

For download

Easy assembly

  1. Immerse the probe to the bottom of the tank.
  2. Place the junction box in the neck of the tank and connect it to the display unit using the supplied cabling.

  3. Mount the display unit in a suitable place.

  4. Connect it to electricity and set individual parameters (switching points, units).

  5. It works!


There is a lack of water and therefore you need to know how much do you have.

Variants od Rainwater

Selection of solutions for do-it-yourselfers and professionals


Basic version of Rainwater measurement kit with 1 built-in relay switch

240,- € (price without VAT)

Rainwater with 2SP

Extended version of rainwater measurement kit with 2 built-in relay switches

260,- € (price without VAT)

Special characteristics

Optional versions


A complete set designed specifically for measuring rainwater level in retention tanks.

The combination of the stainless steel submersible level transmitter, which guarantees very accurate measurements with excellent long-term stability, and the durable display (IP 64) is the ideal solution for constant visibility of the rainwater level in your tank.

The integrated, easy-to-adjust relay switch to protect the pump against dry running, to control the valve or to trigger an alarm.

For the control of more devices it is possible to order an optional variant with two integrated switches.

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